2023 Corporate Membership Application

  • 24 Oct 2022
  • 30 Apr 2023
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  • Reserved for non-pharmaceutical companies (testing, equipment, software, etc).
  • Reserved for non-pharmaceutical companies (testing, equipment, software, etc).
  • Reserved for non-pharmaceutical companies (testing, equipment, software, etc).

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2023 Corporate Membership Opportunities

The NNECOS Board of Directors has approved the 2023 NNECOS Corporate Membership document, which includes changes to levels/benefits, including caps at each level. All exhibit opportunities will be reserved for corporate members. 

NEW! All membership requests must be submitted through this form. Upon approval of the request, a request letter and other documentation will be provided.

Waitlist requests will also be accepted if a level is sold out. We strongly recommend securing an available corporate membership level, as the availability of a level from the waitlist cannot be guaranteed. The form includes an opportunity to request an upgrade should one become available. 

Documentation of membership approval by your company, including the commitment to pay the membership dues, is required within 30 days of receipt of the necessary documentation. Non-verified requests will be released and made available to the next company on the waitlist.

(Example: Company ABC is approved for Gold Corporate membership on 11/1/22. NNECOS provides the requested documentation on 11/3/22. Company ABC is required to provide documentation of membership approval/commitment to pay membership dues no later than 12/3/22, with an explicit timeline for receipt of payment. Without this documentation, the spot will be made available to another company).

The board has also designated 25% of available membership opportunities for non-pharmaceutical companies (testing, equipment, software, etc.). Any opportunities remaining 90 days before the annual meeting will be made available without restriction by company type. Corporate membership dues are non-refundable, paid on an annual basis, and can not be pro-rated. 

Please review all levels/benefits carefully, as there have been changes. 

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