• Executive Committee –Paul Unger, John Winters, Carl Nelson, Marie Wood, Elizabeth McGrath
  • Education Committee - Steven Ades, Ken Meehan, Chris Anker, Elizabeth McGrath, Hibba Rehman, Kathy McBeth, Katie Hall, Marie Wood
  • Nominations (three members; chair cannot be a member of the Board)
  • Peter Crow (chair), Kathy McBeth, Tracey Weisberg
  • Finance – (three members including Secretary-Treasurer as chair) Paul Unger, Nirav Kapadia, Ken Meehan (ad hoc), Carl Nelson (chair), Lori Aubrey
  • Research Committee   Doug Weckstein (chair), Steven Ades, Marie Wood, Ken Meehan, Christian Thomas, Elizabeth McGrath, Garrett Wasp, Shahid Ahmed
  • NAHPAC – Angel Francini, Emma Dann, Charlene Forcier, Torie Lavoie, Amy Litterini, Matt Marston, Kathy McBeth,  Elizabeth McGrath (co-chair), Nicole Messier (co-chair),  Amy Stansfield, Nikki Langstaff, Nicholas Jensen, Amy Bertrand, Christine Howard, Katherine Lafferty, Marla Tryder (Also responsible for spring meeting planning)


    • Abstract Review Committee – Ken Meehan (chair), Steven Ades, John Hill, Elizabeth McGrath, Nirav Kapadia, Paul Unger, Jim Wallace, Christian Thomas, John Winters, Matt Marston
    • Advocacy - John Hill (chair), Elizabeth McGrath, Denis Hammond, John Winters, Kathy McBeth, Paul Unger, Tracey Weisberg
    • Patient Support/Philanthropy - Tracey Weisberg (chair), Cocav Rauwerdink, Brenda Farnham, Kathy McBeth, Nicole Messier, Paul Unger
    • Student Led Research Review Committee – Amy Litterini, Emma Dann, Elizabeth McGrath, Kathy McBeth
    • Lunchtime Webinar Content Review Committee– Elizabeth McGrath, Amy Stansfield, Marty Byrne, Emma Dann, Nicole Messier, Matt Marston
    • Annual Meeting Planning Committee – membership varies from year to year
    • Palliative Care Symposium Subcommittee -membership varies from year to year
        • ASCO SAC – Christian Thomas, Lori Aubrey
        • CAC/MAC – Tracey Weisberg, Christian Thomas
        • ASCO EXECUTIVE – Chris Nunnink, Tracey Weisberg

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