Corporate Member/Exhibitor Lodging

Thanks to everyone who has assisted in our efforts to maximize medical attendee participation. We are still seeking folks who are willing to transfer share townhomes or transfer their accommodations from the main hotel to the Lodge if space opens up. As of this writing, there is only availability in townhomes at the resort. If you are willing to help in this way, please DO NOT CANCEL your room - reach out to us (, email or call 603-887-1948) and let us work through that so that we can assure the room goes to a medical attendee.

Partnering to Address Limited Lodging

With the growth of the NNECOS Annual Meeting, we are increasingly faced with issues managing our group room block and the resultant lodging shortages for medical attendees. In an effort to maximize meeting attendance, we are asking our industry partners to consider the circumstances that create this situation and, when possible, take measures to help maximize available accommodations for medical attendees, which allows for the most well-attended, successful meeting for all!

Timing of the Decision to Attend

Corporate members and exhibitors make a commitment to participate in the annual meeting long before most medical attendees have finalized their fall professional education calendars, and thus are in a position to be more expedient to reserve their accommodations. The later decision timeline for some medical attendees may leave them in a position of not being able to secure accommodations once their call schedule is finalized, leaving them searching for a place to stay or potentially not attending the meeting.

Since none of us want medical attendees to skip the meeting due to lack of onsite accommodations, we're asking our industry partners to work with us to maximize lodging availability for medical attendees. It is a challenge to promote the meeting as a great weekend away in addition to a fabulous educational and networking opportunity if we are unable to provide onsite accommodations.
  • Delay Reservation - Wait until mid-September to book your room, allowing more time for medical attendees to arrange their lodging and commit to participating in the meeting. The cutoff date for reservations is October 1, 2018.
  • Share A Room - When feasible (ie if you're not traveling with your family), consider sharing accommodations with a colleague to free up an extra room for a medical attendee. Higher attendance is beneficial to us all!
  • Share a Townhome - see rates and options on the attendee lodging page
  • Observe Room Limits - A company that is allowed up to three attendees, for example, should not be occupying more than 3 rooms in the block.
  • Consider staying offsite - the Mountain View Grand has availability - it's about a 16 mile drive but accommodations are quite nice.

We'll Do Our Best To Accommodate Your Request

We don't want to ask you to sacrifice your personal comfort, and will do everything we can to accommodate your request as space allows. Please let us know if your company is taking steps to help us address limited lodging (and what your preferred accommodations are), so that if additional space becomes available in the weeks leading up to the meeting, we can work with our group rooms contact to adjust your reservation.

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued partnership in support of NNECOS! We appreciate your support and collaboration as we strive to assure the availability of and access to high quality cancer care in Northern New England.

Northern New England Clinical Oncology Society
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Sandown, NH 03873-0643
Telephone (603) 887-1948

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